>About PBN Group:

Professional Business Network (PBN) is a venue for business people to exchange ideas, create referrals, and help each other grow in Business & in Life.

PBN’s founder Art Lewin is one of Los Angeles business leaders with a network of over 10,000 personal business contacts. You will network and meet dynamic business owners like yourself who are willing to share and refer one another in a exclusive venue. You will expand your network by making contacts with local business people, entertainment industry, government agencies & have the opportunity to create alliances, and gain solutions by attracting more customers to your business

We urge all current members to reach out to business people in their local network who are not currently members and encourage them to join. Do not miss an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of networking to assist in taking your business to the next level and to build solid business relationships. PBN group is open to all serious business people only.

We will be planning many events & activities, all with the singular purpose of helping our business network & community. With tough economic times ahead, we must show strength in numbers. PBN members are confident that we can…together!

PBN looks to the future with enthusiasm and confidence. As a more visible emergent organization, we are balancing continuity and change. We are the cutting edge of tradition.

As our PBN brand becomes more widely known as the leader in business networking and relationship marketing as always by our high standards and trusted relationships, our membership and our opportunities will continuously expand.

Empowering our members with more knowledge and expertise is a high priority for PBN. We will be augmenting our services through additional expert resources, expanded curricula, issue-focused conferences, new content offerings, and more robust interactive Web capabilities that deliver practical, real-time advice on critical business issues, the “Art of Networking” and so much more-all delivered in traditional formats as well as the latest technologies.

Together we can make PBN as the #1 referral source to our members.