PBN faq’s:

bullet  What makes PBN different than any other leads group?

PBN is a group on it’s own.  As most other groups meet at Denny’s, McDonald’s, Chili’s etc. PBN takes it to the next level by developing relationship meetings at a sophisticated private club. Thus, PBN members are at a higher level in life and PBN members are the leading businesspeople in their fields. We aren’t a watered down copy. We set a high standard for our members to pass referrals to create a program that embraces all members. We stick to the format, require our members to be committed, expect excellence and reject mediocrity. We’re motivated, successful and honored by the incredibly talented and professional membership who are the true spirit of PBN.

bullet  What can I expect PBN to do for me?

You can expect PBN to provide the structure and the guidance of the PBN program. You can expect your Regional Director or Ambassadors to train your chapter members in leadership and presentation skills. You can expect all the necessary materials to run a chapter to be provided without charge. You can expect annual training in the newest networking and chapter building techniques for your Board Members and Committee Chairs. You can expect your category to be protected. And you can expect PBN to assist you when necessary.

bullet  What does PBN expect of me?

PBN expects you to attend meetings because you can’t build trust or relationships if you aren’t in attendance. PBN expects you to exchange, on average, one qualified business lead (QBL’s) at every meeting. PBN expects you to be ethical, professional and experienced in your line of work. PBN expects you to help all your members to be successful and they are expected to do the same for you.

bullet  How soon will I see financial reward?

PBN is not a get rich fast scheme. It takes time to earn the trust of your chapter members, to become adept in the networking arena, to learn to promote yourself and your business with ease. If you expect instant reward, PBN is not for you. If you want to build long-standing business relationships that will earn you qualified referrals for years to come, then PBN is for you. Most members see an increased of 12% to 24% in business.

bullet  How do I know PBN will work for me?

PBN will work for you… if you work PBN. Just follow the program. It has worked for hundreds of business people. But to be successful in PBN - or in any endeavor – requires perseverance and the universal understanding that you must give before you receive. There is much to be said about “All for one and one for all!”

bullet  Why shouldn’t I just join my Chamber of Commerce?

PBN believes that you should be a member of both your Chamber and PBN. Your Chamber of Commerce is good for your business and your community. The difference though between a Chamber and your PBN Chapter is exclusivity. You “own” your category when you join PBN and your competition is excluded from your chapter. Chambers, by their very nature, cannot exist without being inclusive.

bullet  What really makes PBN work?

You do. The membership. PBN teaches you how to network smarter. PBN gives you the structure from which to grow. But it is the chapter as a whole that fuels the success of each member. Rather than just you out there selling on your own, with PBN you have a sales force of professional business people bringing you qualified business leads (QBL’s). Remember, referrals are made based on trust and solid relationships. That’s why it is important to attend meetings and build those relationships so your chapter will get to know you, just as you’ll get to know them.

bullet  What if my category is filled?

Since PBN only accepts one representative of any profession, it is not unusual to find your category filled. There are two options: you can ask for a search in another chapter or you can spearhead the start of a new chapter. In either case, call a board member or Art Lewin at 888.412.0688 or email at mailto:info@PBNgroup.org. We’ll do all we can to help you find a chapter.

bullet  How many meetings must I attend before I can join?

Each prospective guest is required to attend at least one meeting before an application can be accepted. An inspection of an applicant’s place of business is a requirement of acceptance.

bullet  How many votes are required for acceptance into the Chapter?

It depends on the Chapter’s size. If the Chapter contains fewer than thirty members, then a minimum of three “NO” votes can permit the Chapter to deny membership. If there are more than thirty members, then a minimum of 10% of the membership (tallied from the beginning of the quarter) voting “NO” is required to permit the Chapter to deny membership.

bullet  How much does it cost to join a PBN Chapter?

PBN yearly member fee of $595.00* (US)  is paid directly to PBN. And, a one-time processing fee of $75.00  to add all your information to the PBNgroup.org website & process all the paperwork.  Additionally, members are required to pay $95.00 monthly dues throughout the year. These dues are kept in your chapter and are used to pay for your Power Breakfast, Power Lunch meals & Power, Business Mixers and the promotion of your chapter. Each chapter sets its own fee schedule.

bullet  When are my dues required to be paid?

Most chapters collect dues on a yearly schedule. Each chapter’s Board of Directors establishes the amount for their chapter. There are NO paid positions or profits involved, only the actual costs to run the chapter.

bullet  Who can I call if I have more questions?

Contact us at  mailto:info@PBNgroup.org or you can also phone us 888.412.0688 and ask for more information regarding your area.