Member Benefits:

PBN Los Angeles is a membership networking organization that provides an ideal forum for business interchanges between members. We call it “Relationship Marketing”

Imagine having a sales force of over 40 to 50 dedicated and enthusiastic individuals supporting you in your business in a PBN Chapter and over 6000 worldwide.  This is a benefit you receive as a member of PBN Los Angeles. When you join our respected group, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

people meeting

  • The opportunity to network and form relationships with other professionals and business people in Los Angeles and the surroundings areas.
  • Qualified Business Leads (QBL’s) from other members that provide access to clients you might not otherwise meet.
  • Complete assurance that no other member does what you do (i.e., no competition).
  • Several opportunities to briefly describe your business and promote any new services or products.  PBN Los Angeles (please see calendar for upcoming events).
  • Periodic opportunities to give and in-depth presentation and to display your products.  This gives members a better understanding of your business and you can dramatically increase referrals.  The more your “sales force” knows about your business, the more effectively they can refer you to others.
  • Dramatically improve your presentation & networking skills.
  • Increase confidence in your presentation and marketing skills.
  • Leadership opportunities.
  • Direct Inquiries from Prospects.
  • More visitors to your Website.
  • Improve Google ranking.
  • NO referral of commission fees.
  • Professional Affiliation.
  • Ultimate peer to peer networking.
  • FREE links to your website through our site.
  • FREE periodic workshop on “The Art of Networking”
  • A compelling description of your business in the online Member Directory.
  • A potential of 14-24% increase in your business. And finally, the most rewarding benefits of membership in PBN Los Angeles are the camaraderie and the genuine interest that members have in the growth and success of each other’s businesses.
  • And, so much more.